Goldfish SEO provides quality SEO services in Bangkok and Thailand. 

Supercharge your revenue with a cutting-edge SEO Company Bangkok. Invest in affordable Bangkok SEO services that will deliver YOU real leads, real conversions, and real results. 


  • 30-minute strategy call with an SEO Guru
  • A FREE audit covering SEO, PPC, Facebook & more
  • A 6-month multichannel game plan

Start Swimming With The Big Fish

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Did you know that 93% of all web traffic is driven by the search pages Such as Google, Bing or the many other Search Engines out there? 

GoldfishSEO provides Affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Bangkok businesses. Our experienced SEO Company can help you access that 93% of your customers, that search Google, and stop you missing out on a lot of business.

Talk the Talk with Goldfish SEO


In Bangkok’s ever-expanding metropolis, it is becoming increasingly important to attract and find the customers who want and need you the most.

If you are looking for Local Business, then you need to be on Google Maps. But not just there, At the top. 

Goldfish SEO company Bangkok makes it simple to swim through the competition and attract customers to your Bangkok business. 

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We provide a quality SEO service that is attuned to Google Webmaster best practices and search engines’ advanced algorithms. We are a White Hat SEO Agency

GoldfishSEO is the SEO company Bangkok that can help you achieve your Affordable SEO goals and increase your revenue. Call us and speak with an SEO bigfish today.


Local SEO

Local SEO, especially in Bangkok is extremely valuable. You want to be found in a competitive high street? Seen on Google Maps? Looking for your customers to get directions, call you and leave reviews? Speak to us

International SEO

If you are a global company, working online, or have many branches around the world. Getting seen in as many countries as possible is for you. Finding your customers around the world is what we do. Now time to get them to find you too 

Pay Per Click Bangkok

Paid search and active remarketing is a missed opportunity for most companies. 91% of people that come to your website don’t do anything. With Paid ads and remarketing, we can get them back!

An SEO Company Bangkok, striving to provide an incredible service.
To you, our clients.

Our Promise to you

Whenever we take on a new client, we make a promise. That we will work as hard for them as we do for our own website. We offer month-to-month contracts instead of tieing people in for 6 or 12 months. We are here for you

Our Guarantee is our work. At the end of each month, we provide you with your full report, which shows all of our work over the month. If you are not satisfied, you may end the contract. As a professional SEO Company Bangkok, that has been active within the Bangkok Business Community for the past 12yrs, we understand that reputation is everything, for you and us.

How can SEO help you?

SEO Increases Your Inbound Traffic

Glorietta jewels increase in traffic Goldfish SEO

It will increase your overall traffic to the website. And over time will become the #1 traffic source for your website if done correctly. Ultimately this is free traffic. It’s the main reason you have a website

It Gives Your Business Credibility

Being at the top of google gives you complete credibility.  Almost 80% of people scroll past the ads to get to the organic results. Most people know it takes time and effort to get there and that search engines only recommend that best.

SEO Delivers Lasting Results.

The power of your Brand with Goldfish SEO

Properly done SEO will provide long-lasting results that will go on to provide you with leads and customers. Maintain it, keep it going and it will sustain you during rough economic times, such as the latest CoVid-19 Pandemic.

You Control All The Costs

Content Marketing Funnel with Goldfish SEO

The amount you pay for SEO is all down to you. The more you spend the more time our team can commit to your site, the more links we can build, and the more optimization we can complete.

It Improves Your Website

Building a website with the Goldfish SEO

Properly structured SEO can help provide Small to Medium-sized businesses with a quality, smooth, faster website. Which keeps shoppers shopping and gets them down the funnel. Getting you the all important sale or lead.