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Local SEO Bangkok

Are you wanting more business in your local area? Local SEO in Bangkok and the surrounding areas will help deliver you more!

More Traffic to your website. More Footfall to your door. and more customers and revenue in your pocket!

Local SEO refers to the process of optimizing your local online presence in order to attract more business from searchers in your local area. 

Ever looked at google maps and thought why am I not shown here? How come my clients cannot find my shop or office? We can help local people find you

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How Local SEO Works

If you’re serious about moving your company’s marketing campaign into the future, Google My Business is the single most important listing you will ever have, either online or offline.

Google my Business or GMB for short, is the best local listing tool out there. And anyone who is invested in growing their online presence should be utilizing this tool to make sure they are catching the local SEO market. Put it this way, if you don’t utilize Google My Business, your competition certainly will.

Local SEO Ads, Maps and more

GMB becomes especially necessary should you have a physical shop and not just an online presence. This is because GMB is linked to Google Maps. Therefore, if optimized correctly, you will appear on the Google map as well as your listing. What is more, should you also be running Google AdWords, it can be synced with your ad campaigns.


Connecting the two gives an upgrade to your paid search ads giving them even more power in your target area. When synced with GMB, your search ads provide a link to your address so customers can easily find you. Also, your ads show on Google Maps searches when synced with GMB. If they’re not synced, your ads won’t show up on Google Maps.


As a Local SEO Company, we are always looking to improve our services. And that means keeping up to date with all the changes to Search Engine Marketing.

As part of our regular SEO service, we actually provide Local SE free of charge. We believe that this should not be an extra service to you, it’s part of SEO, and it’s what we do. 

However, if all you want is local SEO, 

then we charge a flat monthly fee of 2500 baht!

Our Proven SEO Systems

At Goldfish SEO, every SEO technique which will be performed on your website is 100% safe, secure, and Google Manual action/penalty risk-free. We adhere to the Google Webmasters guidelines. We don’t cut corners, and we certainly do not use Blackhat techniques.

We use a proven 195 point checklist for the website SEO as a starting process. All of which have been tried and tested for the past 12yrs.


We’re Partners in SEO

When it comes to SEO on your site, yes, we are the experts. We will tell you the very best way to rank your website. But we need your help and co-operation.

We need you as our partner in your SEO and business growth. Its important to us and to your SEO that you be part of this process. That you understand what we are doing and why. We don’t do anything to your site without your permission.

We are your marketing team. Here for you, to make your marketing efforts work.